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Instruction Manual JBA-VCCS Amplifiers / Инструкция для серии VCCS аудио-усилителей от JBA

На начало 2022г.- 27 усилителей, включая популярный формат “midi” в корпусах с передней панелью 430х100mm.

Royal Hunt “Katerina on the Hunt”, Russia, YeKaterinburg, May 6, 2012, Blu-Ray & DVD

For private use, not for sale.
PAL, 16:9
Blu-Ray – LPCM-stereo 48kHz/24bit & dts 5.1 48/16
DVD9 – Dolby-stereo & Dolby 5.1

01. One More Day
02. The Mission
03. Flight
04. Hard Rain’s Coming
05. Lies
06. Step by Step
07. Tears of the Sun
08. Wasted Time
09. Age Gone Wild
10. Guitar solo
11. Half Past Loneliness
12. Kingdom Dark
13. Angel’s Gone
14. Restless / Bodyguard / One by One (Acoustic)
15. Last Goodbye
16. Message to God
All tracks composed by Andre Andersen.

Andre Andersen – keyboards, acoustic guitar
D.C. Cooper – lead vocals
Allan Sorensen – drums
Andreas Passmark – bass, backing vocals
Jonas Larsen – guitars
Maria McTurk – backing vocals
Alexandra Popova – backing vocals

Sound engineer – Peter Brander
Michael Raitzin / Majestic Ent.Inc

+ extracts from soundcheck before the concert
+ autograph session in “Muztorg”
+ photogallery

Authoring for Blu-Ray & DVD:
Alexander Kotelnikov

Katerina Kotelnikova
Tatiana Zhynzhyna
Radik Akhmetshin

Katerina Kotelnikova
Mikhail Ageev
Radik Akhmetshin
Vadim Zabolotskiy
AleXander Kotelnikov

The Menu and Credits feature music:
Maxim Klevtsevich – composer and performer

Text translation into English:
Yury “VISOR” Sharshov

Concept Originator & producer
of this video version:
Igor Kotelnikov

Executive producers:
Pavel Konstantinopolsky
Radik Akhmetshin

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Nazareth “10 out of 40” 2011, 2Blu-Ray & 2DVD

nazarethFor private use, not for sale.

PAL, 16:9.

Sound – stereo.

Yekaterinburg, Russia, March 13, 2011, “Youth Palace”.

Dan McCafferty – vocals.
Pete Agnew – bass, back.vocal.
Jimmy Murrison – guitars.
Lee Agnew – drums, back.vocal.

Disc1: (concert) =1h22m
1. Intro
2. Silver Dollar Forger
3. Razamanaz
4. This Month’s Messiah
5. Sunshine
6. This Flight Tonight
7. See Me
8. My White Bicycle
9. Dream On
10.Bad Bad Boy
11.Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman
12.Changin’ Times
13.Hair Of The Dog
14.Love Leads To Madness
15.Love Hurts
17.Animals (angle-multicam version)

Disc2: (bonus materials)
– Interview with Dan McCafferty & Pete Agnew =19′
– Railway Station, Ural-Hotel, Backstage =19′
– On-Stage (lost video) =44′
– Pre & Post-concert =11′
– Photo Remembrance =3′
– Press-conference (16-03-1996) =43′
– credits

Concept originator and producer of this video version:
Igor Kotelnikov
Executive producer:
Radik Akhmetshin

Radik Akhmetshin (on-stage, railway station, hotel),
Vadim Zabolotskiy (free-front stage, hotel),
Alexander Yarosh (static left-front, press-conference 1996),
Mikhail Ageev (static right-front, hotel),
AleX Kotelnikov (rear on-stage, hotel)

Directing, editing, authoring & artwork:
AleX Kotelnikov, Igor Kotelnikov

Radik Akhmetshin, Vadim Zabolotskiy

Translator (Interview):
Vladimir Solovarov
Friend & Helper:
Yury Sharshov (VISOR)

Thanks for maintenance:
Anna Harchenko, Mikhail Vinogradov,
Vladimir Solovarov, Maxim Klevtsevich,
Elmira Akhmetshina, Andrew Melnikov,
Lubov Kozuleva.

The Menu and Credits feature music:
Maxim Klevtsevich
(composer and performer)

Promoters (“Russkie Gastroli”, Yekaterinburg):
Veniamin Kontraktov & Vladimir Burykin

Ken Hensley “Past, Present and Future Tour” 2009, Blu-Ray & DVD

Hensley2009BDNot for sale.

Blu-Ray version: sound LPCM-stereo 48/16.
DVD version: sound Dolby-stereo 192k.

Yekaterinburg, Russia, April 10, 2009.

Ken Hensley – vocals, guitars, keyboards.
Борис Изварин – переводчик.



1. Intro
2. The Wizard
3. I Don’t Wanna Wait
4. I Won’t Chance
5. Close My Eyes
6. At Last Minute *
7. Rain
8. Through The Eyes of a Child
9. Wise Man
10. July Morning
11. Come to Me *
12. (Valentine’s Day) *
13. Longer Shadows
14. Free Me
15. Lady in Black
* – new song

1. FAQ
2. Press Conference
3. Hidden track from Heepvention 2000, London
(“Lady in Black” with John Lawton & Ken Hensley)

This video version produced by Igor Kotelnikov & AleX Kotelnikov.
HD-Camera – AleX Kotelnikov.

Photo – Ekaterina Shutova (Kotelnikova).

Jon Lord “Katerina’s Gigue” 2009, 2Blu-Ray & 2DVD

Lord BDFor private use, not for sale.

PAL, 16:9
Sound – stereo

Yekaterinburg, Russia, October 7-9, 2009

Jon Lord – keyboards
Steve Balsamo – vocals
Kasia Laska – vocals
“Cry Free Band”(Hungary):
Csaba Kecskemeti – bass.
Oliver Lee – guitar.
Attila Nagy – keyboards.
Tamas Tatai – drums.
Attila Scholtz – congas, percussion.

Symphony Orchestra (Yekaterinburg)
Сonductor – Boris Nodelman

Approx.time over 4 hours.

Disc1: (Acoustic Rehearsal on October 8, part 2)
– interview with Boris Nodelman
1. Pictures of Home
2. The Sun Will Shine Again
3. Bouree
4. Pictured Within
5. The Telemann Experiment
6. Wait A While
7. Gigue
8. Soldier of Fortune
9. Child in Time
– photo remembrance
– press conference “KP-Ural”, October 7
– photo remembrance
– who is who
– credits

Disc2: (Acoustic Rehearsal on October 8, part 1)
– interview with S.Balsamo & K.Laska
1. First Movement
2. Second Movement
3. Third Movement
– photo remembrance
– interview on Radio “Echo of Moscow”, October 7
– photo remembrance
– soundcheck in “Cosmos”, October 9
– photo remembrance
– extracts from the concert on October 9
– photo remembrance
– credits

This video version produced and concept originator by Igor Kotelnikov.
Executive produced by AleXander Kotelnikov & Katerina Kotelnikova.
HD-cameras by AleXander Kotelnikov & Alexander Yarosh.
Photos – Katerina Kotelnikova.
Special thanks to Irina Peugonen & Anna Harchenko.

Nits “Tons” 2013 (Live in Moscow, 16 Tons Club, Russia, 06.06.2013) Blu-Ray & DVD



For private use, not for sale.

28-2014BD (Blu-Ray version, sound LPCM-stereo 48kHz/24bit)

28-2014DVD (DVD version, sound Dolby-stereo 448k.)

including: concert – over 2 hours,

band rehearsal – 30min and photogallery – 5min.

Nits “Tons” 2013 (Live in Moscow, 16 Tons Club, Russia, 06.06.2013)
01. Five Fingers
02. Man on a Wire
03. The Bauhaus Chair
04. Tannenbaum
05. Schwebebahn
06. Shadow of a Doubt
07. Nescio
08. Dream
09. Abandoned Mine
10. J.O.S. Days

11. Love Locks
12. Blue Things
13. Cars & Cars
14. Les Nuits
15. The Key Shop
16. Minus Second Floor
17. No Man’s Land
18. The Hours
19. Bad Government and its Effects on Town and Country
20. Paper
21. In the Dutch Mountains

22. Adieu Sweet Bahnhof
23. Sketches of Spain
24. Nathalie (segment)[Gilbert Becaud]

25. Home Before Dark

Henk Hofstede – vocals, guitars, keyboards, harmonica.
Robert Jan Stips – keyboards, backing vocals
Rob Kloet – drums, percussion, backing vocals
+ Rob de Weerd – electric guitar on “Bad Government”

Paul Telman – sound
Tom Telman – lights
Management & Agency: Aad Link

Concert Idea and Organization:
Dmitry Kryukov
Olga Duka

AleX Kotelnikov
Katerina Kotelnikova
Mikhail Nikitin
+ static “bar camera”
+ Olga Zimicheva

Special thanks:
Yury Sharshov
Alexander Bachurin
Denis Yamov

Thanks for cooperation:
Dmitry Kryukov, Olga Duka, Irina Lebedeva, Sabina Shirinova,
Bogdan Kravtsov, Artemy Troitsky, Ekaterina Orel, Ksenia Lev.

The Menu & Credits feature music:
Maxim Klevtsevich – composer & performer

Produced, directed, editing, authoring and artwork
of this video version:
AleX Kotelnikov & Igor Kotelnikov

Nits – “Tons”, Live in Moscow 2013, demo for Blu-Ray from AleX Kotelnikov on Vimeo.

NITS in Moscow 2013 – Interview from AleX Kotelnikov on Vimeo.

℗ 2014 JBA Production