Nazareth “10 out of 40” 2011, 2Blu-Ray & 2DVD

nazarethFor private use, not for sale.

PAL, 16:9.

Sound – stereo.

Yekaterinburg, Russia, March 13, 2011, “Youth Palace”.

Dan McCafferty – vocals.
Pete Agnew – bass, back.vocal.
Jimmy Murrison – guitars.
Lee Agnew – drums, back.vocal.

Disc1: (concert) =1h22m
1. Intro
2. Silver Dollar Forger
3. Razamanaz
4. This Month’s Messiah
5. Sunshine
6. This Flight Tonight
7. See Me
8. My White Bicycle
9. Dream On
10.Bad Bad Boy
11.Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman
12.Changin’ Times
13.Hair Of The Dog
14.Love Leads To Madness
15.Love Hurts
17.Animals (angle-multicam version)

Disc2: (bonus materials)
– Interview with Dan McCafferty & Pete Agnew =19′
– Railway Station, Ural-Hotel, Backstage =19′
– On-Stage (lost video) =44′
– Pre & Post-concert =11′
– Photo Remembrance =3′
– Press-conference (16-03-1996) =43′
– credits

Concept originator and producer of this video version:
Igor Kotelnikov
Executive producer:
Radik Akhmetshin

Radik Akhmetshin (on-stage, railway station, hotel),
Vadim Zabolotskiy (free-front stage, hotel),
Alexander Yarosh (static left-front, press-conference 1996),
Mikhail Ageev (static right-front, hotel),
AleX Kotelnikov (rear on-stage, hotel)

Directing, editing, authoring & artwork:
AleX Kotelnikov, Igor Kotelnikov

Radik Akhmetshin, Vadim Zabolotskiy

Translator (Interview):
Vladimir Solovarov
Friend & Helper:
Yury Sharshov (VISOR)

Thanks for maintenance:
Anna Harchenko, Mikhail Vinogradov,
Vladimir Solovarov, Maxim Klevtsevich,
Elmira Akhmetshina, Andrew Melnikov,
Lubov Kozuleva.

The Menu and Credits feature music:
Maxim Klevtsevich
(composer and performer)

Promoters (“Russkie Gastroli”, Yekaterinburg):
Veniamin Kontraktov & Vladimir Burykin


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