Nits “Tons” 2013 (Live in Moscow, 16 Tons Club, Russia, 06.06.2013) Blu-Ray & DVD



For private use, not for sale.

28-2014BD (Blu-Ray version, sound LPCM-stereo 48kHz/24bit)

28-2014DVD (DVD version, sound Dolby-stereo 448k.)

including: concert – over 2 hours,

band rehearsal – 30min and photogallery – 5min.

Nits “Tons” 2013 (Live in Moscow, 16 Tons Club, Russia, 06.06.2013)
01. Five Fingers
02. Man on a Wire
03. The Bauhaus Chair
04. Tannenbaum
05. Schwebebahn
06. Shadow of a Doubt
07. Nescio
08. Dream
09. Abandoned Mine
10. J.O.S. Days

11. Love Locks
12. Blue Things
13. Cars & Cars
14. Les Nuits
15. The Key Shop
16. Minus Second Floor
17. No Man’s Land
18. The Hours
19. Bad Government and its Effects on Town and Country
20. Paper
21. In the Dutch Mountains

22. Adieu Sweet Bahnhof
23. Sketches of Spain
24. Nathalie (segment)[Gilbert Becaud]

25. Home Before Dark

Henk Hofstede – vocals, guitars, keyboards, harmonica.
Robert Jan Stips – keyboards, backing vocals
Rob Kloet – drums, percussion, backing vocals
+ Rob de Weerd – electric guitar on “Bad Government”

Paul Telman – sound
Tom Telman – lights
Management & Agency: Aad Link

Concert Idea and Organization:
Dmitry Kryukov
Olga Duka

AleX Kotelnikov
Katerina Kotelnikova
Mikhail Nikitin
+ static “bar camera”
+ Olga Zimicheva

Special thanks:
Yury Sharshov
Alexander Bachurin
Denis Yamov

Thanks for cooperation:
Dmitry Kryukov, Olga Duka, Irina Lebedeva, Sabina Shirinova,
Bogdan Kravtsov, Artemy Troitsky, Ekaterina Orel, Ksenia Lev.

The Menu & Credits feature music:
Maxim Klevtsevich – composer & performer

Produced, directed, editing, authoring and artwork
of this video version:
AleX Kotelnikov & Igor Kotelnikov

Nits – “Tons”, Live in Moscow 2013, demo for Blu-Ray from AleX Kotelnikov on Vimeo.

℗ 2014 JBA Production


  1. Jeppi says:

    Also for this (as for the vest DVD) –> How can I get this live blu-ray or dvd ??

    • AleX says:

      These discs really “not for sale”. All rights reserved NITS group.
      We gave a group of these discs.
      The group NITS decides to release discs.

  2. andy says: andy
    You know when they will release this?

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