Paul McCartney “Movin’ On” 1993 + John Lennon “Imagine” 1972 (russian subtitles), DVD5 (2005)

McC+LennonFor private use, not for sale.
first edition (2005)
LaserDisc -> DVD
NTSC, 4:3
russian & english subtitles (incl.lyrics)

Paul McCartney “Movin’ On” 1993 (55min.)
1. Intro (Live & Let Die, Drive My Car)
2. Kevin Godley interview (C’mon People)
3. Robbie McIntosh interview, Drums solo – Blair Cunningham
4. Abbey Road Studios, Hamish Stewart interview (Penny Lane)
5. George Lucas Studios – CA (Off The Ground)
6. Twenty Flight Rock
7. Design Album / Photographer, Linda McCartney interview
8. Looking For Changes
9. Making of: Hope Of Deliverance
10. Beatles: A Hard Day’s Night, Richard Lester interview
11. Get Out Of My Way
12. Biker Like An Icon

John Lennon “Imagine” 1972 (60min.)
1. Imagine
2. Crippled Inside
3. Jealous Guy
4. Don’t Count The Waves
5. It’s So Hard
6. Mrs.Lennon
7. I Don’t Wanna to Be A Soldier
8. Power To The People
9. Give Me Some Truth
10. Oh My Love
11. How Do You Sleep?
12. How?
13. Oh Yoko! / Credits

Russian translation by VISOR (Yury Sharshov).

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