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Elton John “Live in Australia” 1986, LD⇒DVD5

elton_AustraliaFor private use, not for sale.
LaserDisc ⇒ DVD5
NTSC, 4:3
app.time – 95min.






Part One: Elton and Band
1. Funeral For A Friend
2. One Horse Town
3. Rocket Man
4. The Bitch Is Back
5. Daniel
6. Blue Eyes
8. I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues
9. Benny And The Jets
10. Sad Songs
11. I’m Still Standing
Part Two: Elton and Orchestra
12. 60 Years On
13. I Need You To Turn To
14. Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
15. Take Me to the Pilot
16. Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me
17. Candle in the Wind
18. Burn Down the Mission
19. Your Song
20. Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting

Elton John “Love Songs + Bonus Songs” 1996, LD⇒DVD5

Elton John 1996 Love Songs 720p (new LD transfer HQ remastered JBA 2nd edition 2023)

elton-lsFor private use, not for sale.
LaserDisc ⇒ DVD5
NTSC, 4:3
app.time – 110min

LaserDisc => *.mkv – 86min

video: 960x720p AVC 8500-10000Kbps, audio: PCM 1536 Kbps



1. Sacrifice
2. Candle in the Wind
3. I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues
4. Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me (duet with George Michael)
5. Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
6. Blue Eyes
7. Daniel
8. Nikita
9. Your Song
10. The One
11. Someone Saved My Life Tonight
12. True Love
13. Can You Feel the Love Tonight
14. Circle of Life
15. Blessed
16. Please
17. Song for Guy
18. Belive
19. The One (Credit Top & Tail)
+ bonus songs:
20. Ego
21. Cry to Heaven
22. A Word in Spanish
23. Healing Hands
24. Club at the End of the Street


Slade “SLADE in Kozmoz”, Yekaterinburg, April 10, 2011, DVD5

Slade-DVD_JBA_KozmozFor private use, not for sale.
PAL, 16:9
app.time – 70min.






1.We’ll Bring the House Down
2.Take Me Back ‘ome
3.Lock Up Your Daughters
4.Far Far Away
6.Look Wot You Dun
7.Coz I Luv You
8.Run Runaway
10.Gudbuy T’Jane
11.Mama Weer All Crazee Now
12.Get Down and Get With It
(incl.-Tutti Frutti)
13.My Oh My
14.Cum on Feel the Noize
Encore 2:
15.Merry Christmas Everybody

Dave Hill – guitars, vocals
Don Powell – drums
Mal McNulty – vocals, guitars
John Berry – bass, vocals, violin

Executive producer:
Radik Akhmetshin
Radik Akhmetshin, Vadim Zabolotskiy, Victor Mazirko
Directed, editing & authoring (Blu-Ray & DVD):
AleX Kotelnikov, Igor Kotelnikov

Special Thanx: Anna Harchenko, Mikhail Vinogradov.

Didier Marouani & spAce “kosmoSpace”, Yekaterinburg 10-22-2010, DVD9

Space_KosmoSpaceFor private use, not for sale.
PAL, 16:9
app.time – 120min.






01-Christopher Eyes
02-Air Force
03-Oye Owa
04-Ballad for Papoune
05-From Angels to Raphael
06-New York – Paris
07-Temps X
08-The Very Last Song
10-On the Moon 2025
11-Space Opera – part 5
13-Rima Song
14-Ballad for Space Lovers
15-Baby’s Paradise
18-Tango in Space
19-Running in the City
20-Just Blue
21-Back to the Future
22-Magic Fly
23-Back to the Future (reprise)

Didier Marouani – keyboards, voice
Jeff Parent – synthesizers
Manu Chambo – keyboards
Jeff Bourassin – guitars
Dominique Greffier – bass, vocals
Marc Hazon – drums

Cameras: Radik Akhmetshin, Vadim Zabolotskiy, AleX Kotelnikov, Elena Mokrushina.
Directed, editing & authoring: AleX Kotelnikov.
Executive producer: Igor Kotelnikov.
Special Thanx: Anna Harchenko, Mikhail Vinogradov, Vladimir Solovarov,
Elena Martynova, “Visualisator”.