Royal Hunt “Katerina on the Hunt”, Russia, YeKaterinburg, May 6, 2012, Blu-Ray & DVD

For private use, not for sale.
PAL, 16:9
Blu-Ray – LPCM-stereo 48kHz/24bit & dts 5.1 48/16
DVD9 – Dolby-stereo & Dolby 5.1

01. One More Day
02. The Mission
03. Flight
04. Hard Rain’s Coming
05. Lies
06. Step by Step
07. Tears of the Sun
08. Wasted Time
09. Age Gone Wild
10. Guitar solo
11. Half Past Loneliness
12. Kingdom Dark
13. Angel’s Gone
14. Restless / Bodyguard / One by One (Acoustic)
15. Last Goodbye
16. Message to God
All tracks composed by Andre Andersen.

Andre Andersen – keyboards, acoustic guitar
D.C. Cooper – lead vocals
Allan Sorensen – drums
Andreas Passmark – bass, backing vocals
Jonas Larsen – guitars
Maria McTurk – backing vocals
Alexandra Popova – backing vocals

Sound engineer – Peter Brander
Michael Raitzin / Majestic Ent.Inc

+ extracts from soundcheck before the concert
+ autograph session in “Muztorg”
+ photogallery

Authoring for Blu-Ray & DVD:
Alexander Kotelnikov

Katerina Kotelnikova
Tatiana Zhynzhyna
Radik Akhmetshin

Katerina Kotelnikova
Mikhail Ageev
Radik Akhmetshin
Vadim Zabolotskiy
AleXander Kotelnikov

The Menu and Credits feature music:
Maxim Klevtsevich – composer and performer

Text translation into English:
Yury “VISOR” Sharshov

Concept Originator & producer
of this video version:
Igor Kotelnikov

Executive producers:
Pavel Konstantinopolsky
Radik Akhmetshin


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