Paul McCartney 1993 Movin On – full russian subtitles (new LD transfer JBA remastered 2nd edition 2022)

LaserDisc => *.mkv – 60min

video: 960x720p AVC 8500-10000Kbps,

audio: PCM 1536 Kbps

  1. Intro (Live & Let Die, Drive My Car)
  2. Kevin Godley interview (C’mon People)
  3. Robbie McIntosh interview, Drums solo – Blair Cunningham
  4. Abbey Road Studios, Hamish Stewart interview (Penny Lane)
  5. George Lucas Studios – CA (Off The Ground)
  6. Twenty Flight Rock
  7. Design Album / Photographer, Linda McCartney interview
  8. Looking For Changes
  9. Making of: Hope Of Deliverance
  10. Beatles: A Hard Day’s Night, Richard Lester interview
  11. Get Out Of My Way
  12. Biker Like An Icon

Russian translation by VISOR.

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