Michael Jackson “The Legend Continues” 1988, (Special Audio Video Remix), DVD5

MJ_LegendFor private use, not for sale.
LaserDisc / VHS -> DVD5
NTSC, 4:3
LPCM-stereo 48kHz/24bit
app.time – 52min





Originally created as a TV special for Showtime, then was released on videocassette in 1988.
The video, narrated by James Earl Jones, highlights Michael’s career beginning with the Motown Records audition up until the Bad world tour, and features guest appearances by Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Cyndi Lauper, Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Jackson, Gene Kelly, Quincy Jones, Sammy Davis Jr., Dick Clark, Suzanne de Passe, Katharine Hepburn, Martin Scorsese, Smoky Robinson, and Sophia Loren.

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