Ken Hensley “Yekaterinburg, “Estrada Theatre”, November 11, 2010. DVD

Ken Hensley 2010Not for sale.


PAL, 16:9, sound – stereo

Ken Hensley – vocals, keys, gtrs.
Galina – translator.

1. I Don’t Wanna Wait
2. Free Me (segment)
3. I Close My Eyes
4. Wise Man
5. Through the Eyes of a Child
6. Rain
7. Come to Me*
8. July Morning
9. Sleeping Away (Song for Arabella)*
10. Who Knows?*
11. Lady in Black
*-new tracks

This video version produced by
Igor Kotelnikov & Radik Akhmetshin.
Camera & Fotos – Radik Akhmetshin.
Authoring & editing for Blu-Ray & DVD:
AleX Kotelnikov.
Special Thanks to Vladimir Solovarov.

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