Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of “The War of the Worlds” 2006 (russian subtitles), DVD9

WAR_WORLDSFor private use, Not for sale.
PAL, 16:9
Dolby 2.0+5.1
dts 5.1

Act 1:
The Eve of the War (part1)
The Eve of the War (part2)
Horsell Common & the Heat Ray
The Artilleryman & the Fighting Machine
Forever Autumn
Thunder Child

Act 2:
The Red Weed (part1)
The Spirit of Man
The Red Weed (part2)
The Artilleryman Returns
Brave New World
Dead London (part1)
Dead London (part2)
Epilogue (part1)
Epilogue (part2)(NASA)

+ interview with Jeff Wayne=5min
+ Behind the Scenes=2min
+ Bringing Back Burton=9min
+ Making a M.F.Machine=4min

Richard Burton, Justin Hayward, Chris Thompson, Russell Watson, Tara Blaise, Alexis James, Anna-Marie Wayne, Jerry Wayne.

Filmed at Wembley Arena, London

Russian subtitles by “VISOR”-(Yury Sharshov).

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