Ekseption “The Story Of Ekseption” 2003, (russian subtitles)

Ekseption_Story_rusFor private use, not for sale.
DVD5, PAL, 4:3
Sound – Dolby 2.0+5.1
russian & english subtitles







  1. Interview start (by Tineke de Nooy)
  2. Interview second part
  3. Romance for Violin and Orchestra (Bach)
  4. Rondo (Beethoven)
  5. Flight of the Bumbley (R.Korsakov)
  6. Midbar Session (vd Linden)
  7. In’t Hotel C Jam Blues (Ekseption)
  8. Air (Bach)
  9. My Son (vd Linden)
  10. Concerto (Rachmaninov)
  11. Sabredance (Katchaturian)
  12. Peace Planet (Bach)
    On Tour in Israel
  13. Midbar Session (vd Linden)
  14. Vivace Vivaldi (vd Linden)
  15. For Example (Keith Emerson)
  16. Italian Concerto (vd Linden)
  17. Concerto (vd Linden)
  18. Peace Planet (Bach/vd Linden)
    On Tour in France and Italy
  19. Another History (vd Linden/M.v.Dijk)
  20. Rondo (Beethoven)
  21. The Fifth (Beethoven/Ekseption)
  22. Italian Concerto (vd Linden)
  23. On Sunday They Will Kill the World (Luikinga/vd Linden)
  24. Sabredance (Katchaturian/Ekseption)+ bonus video clip

    Rick van der Linden – all keyboards
    Rein van den Broek – trumpet
    Pieter Voogd – drums
    Cor Dekker – bass
    Michel van Dijk – vocal

    Bonus CD:“Live in Germany” 1993
    Toccata and Fuga in D-Minor (Bach)
    Your Home (vd Linden/vd Broek)
    Peace Planet (Bach)
    Concerto (Tchajkowsky)
    Haydn – Trumpet Concert (Haydn)
    Air (Bach)
    Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin)
    Thoughts (vd Linden/vd Broek)
    Summertime (Gershwin)
    For Example (Emerson)
    The Fifth (Beethoven)
    Italian Concerto (Bach)
    Sabredance (Katchaturian)
    My Pianoman (Bach)

    Rick van der Linden – keyboards
    Rein van den Broek – trumpet
    Max Werner – drums
    Frans Muys van der Moer – bass
    Dick Remelink – sax

Translation by MIG (Mikhail Dobronravov)

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