Didier Marouani & spAce “kosmoSpace”, Yekaterinburg 10-22-2010, DVD9

Space_KosmoSpaceFor private use, not for sale.
PAL, 16:9
app.time – 120min.






01-Christopher Eyes
02-Air Force
03-Oye Owa
04-Ballad for Papoune
05-From Angels to Raphael
06-New York – Paris
07-Temps X
08-The Very Last Song
10-On the Moon 2025
11-Space Opera – part 5
13-Rima Song
14-Ballad for Space Lovers
15-Baby’s Paradise
18-Tango in Space
19-Running in the City
20-Just Blue
21-Back to the Future
22-Magic Fly
23-Back to the Future (reprise)

Didier Marouani – keyboards, voice
Jeff Parent – synthesizers
Manu Chambo – keyboards
Jeff Bourassin – guitars
Dominique Greffier – bass, vocals
Marc Hazon – drums

Cameras: Radik Akhmetshin, Vadim Zabolotskiy, AleX Kotelnikov, Elena Mokrushina.
Directed, editing & authoring: AleX Kotelnikov.
Executive producer: Igor Kotelnikov.
Special Thanx: Anna Harchenko, Mikhail Vinogradov, Vladimir Solovarov,
Elena Martynova, “Visualisator”.

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