Ayreon “The Human Equation” 2004 (russian subtitles), DVD5

ayreon_Human_rusFor private use, not for sale.
PAL, 4:3
Dolby 2.0 + 5.1(clip only)
russian subtitles






  1. Inside -45’27
    (behind the scenes)
  2. Concept -3’05
    (the concept of…)
  3. Ayreon -4’26
    (the story of Ayreon)
  4. Drums -3’32
    (Ed Warby’s drums)
  5. Video -3’49
    (videoclip of Day11: Love)
  6. Teaser -1’28
    Arjen Lucassen, Heather Findlay, Devin Townsend, Irene Jansen, James LaBrie, Marcela Bovio…

Russian subtitles by VISOR (Yury Sharshov).

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